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ADDRESS: Via Cappeletta, Pagnano-23807 Merate (LC) Italy


TELEPHONE: +39 039 9908121

EMAIL: ica@icamerate.com

VAT number 00207570136


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Production of special paper rolls for medical products, stitching and industries.

High quality solutions from I.C.A. for silicone papers, fabrics, by silicone and much more.


In the age of technology, even paper has become a special material, able to satisfy previously unthinkable functions. In Merate, in the province of Lecco, I.C.A. Industria Carte Adesive produces various types of special rolls of paper, among which you can certainly find the ones that best meet your needs.


The different characteristics of the special papers depend on the treatment methods of fibers and the addition of percentages of different substances - natural or chemical - which make them flexible, glossy, coated, thin or resistant.


The production of special paper rolls by the Lombard company is divided into:

silicone paper, for the food industry, for sanitary towel paper, plasters and for medical products

paper for fabrics and artificial leathers

silicone paper, for bituminous products and thermo-acoustic insulators

coupled silicone paper, for envelopes and self-adhesive labels

heat-sealing paper, for banding and for the stitching of boxes

gummed paper, for packaging, the wood industry and vitreous mosaic industry


I.C.A. is also specialized in colored rolls production

Thanks to the help of special substances and pigments, special papers produced by I.C.A. are also supplied in a colored version. In this way it can be used as a decoration for the walls of a house (the so-called wallpaper), or it can become so soft to be used for the production of handkerchiefs.

To find out about the production offer and services of the company you can visit the portal, otherwise just fill out the form in the dedicated section or come visit the factory in Merate in Cappelletta 58 Street, from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.


If you wish to receive more information, just contact us
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