The products of the company I.C.A. Merate Adhesive Paper Industry

Production of special papers with a high quality standard.
I.C.A. Industria Carte Adesive specializes in the production of:

high quality standard, echieved thanks to the use of selected raw materials, latest generation plants and highly qualified staff;

continuous testing throughout the production phase, from the receipt of raw materials to the shipping of the finished product;

great flexibility and production capacity (estimated at about 2000 tons / year of gummed and heat-sealing papers, and 50 million m2 of silicon paper per year), which ensures the rapid fulfillment of any request;

attention to environmental problems, thanks to the widespread use of recycled paper, vegetable-based adhesives, 100% solvent-free silicones, chlorine-free papers and water-based inks.

Special Paper Rolls

Production of special paper rolls. I.C.A. ensures flexibility and high production capacity for any request.

Silicone papers

Offer of a wide assortment of silicon papers. The best solutions for plasters, medical products and self-adhesive envelopes.

Heat-sealing papers

Production of heat-sealing papers. Con I.C.A. With I.C.A. every manufacturer will be able to appreciate strength and consistency of the items offered.

Gummed Papers

Production of gummed in Lecco. We produce silicone papers for many industrial uses for the international market.

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